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The game allows the player to collect words and solve puzzles around those words. Each word activity is providing the player with stars that allows them to track how they are progressing. The more stars the better rewards. The more you learn the more you earn. -




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Word Tag was created by Mrs Wordsmith, a global education brand on a mission to make learning fun. Our cast of hilarious, larger-than-life characters take kids on a meaningful learning journey via books, card games, worksheets, and video games that dramatically improve the reading and writing of learners aged 4–11.


The Educator Guide

In our educator guide you will find information about how the game is build up on strong educational pillars that takes place in engaging and entertaining activities that rewards the child with both knowledge and in-game content. We teach vocabulary. Our players are past learning to read, they no longer learn to read but read to learn with Word Tag!


β€œAn exciting, effective digital learning tool. The only game kids should be allowed to play whenever they like!”

Professor Susan Neuman, NYU

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